Bungee Leash

Bungee Leash

kr 379,00

The Bungee leash offers comfort for both you and your dog. It is made of an elastic core material that absorbs abrupt pulls, with a sturdy outer layer to handle rough and sharp terrain.

The two-meter long version is perfect for canicross, running or hiking with your dog, while the 2.8 meter long bungee is perfect for biking, scootering, skiing and other dog powered sports that require a longer line.

The new and updated lightweight aluminium carabiner has a twist-lock for extra security.

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2.00 m Canicross, running, trekking, hiking, walking
2,80 m Bikejöring, biking, skiing, scooter
⚠️ For previous versions of this item, see Bungee Leash (2018)
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The auto-locking carabiner ensures extra safety for you and your dog. Open it with a twist followed by pressure on the gate.


The stitching technique used for this Bungee leash provides a maximum lifespan


The core of this leash consists of the highest quality rubber and will not break. It has been rigorously tested in Norway and it’s better than any other comparable leash on the market. The leash is not too soft or too hard, and can be used for all activities.